World Osteoporosis Day Oct 20, 2020

Together we can reduce the impact of osteoporosis and related fractures in Australia.

Helen Dalley, Osteoporosis Australia Patron says “this year we are focusing on the risk factors that could impact your bone health. We’d like everyone to know and understand what these risk factors are to protect your bones.”


Word Osteoporosis Day message from The Hon Greg Hunt Minister for Health

Check your bone health today by visiting the Know Your Bones website

Elaine Cotter is living with osteoporosis and experienced several years of pain after spinal fractures she had experienced were missed and the pain wrongly attributed to other medical causes. Elaine is now a passionate advocate for osteoporosis prevention and awareness. She participated in the international series of World Osteoporosis Day patient posters to represent Australia and and is pictured with her grandkids.

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