New Bone Alliance announced

New Bone Alliance announced

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On World Osteoporosis Day 2015 a new Bone Alliance has been announced between the Garvan Institute of Medical Research and Osteoporosis Australia. The new partnership will seek to address the major health issue of osteoporosis utilising innovation and education to achieve positive change for bone health. 

Andrew Giles, CEO Garvan Research Foundation said “Outside the Lab we need to create educational resources and tools at a consumer level that will drive a stronger ‘awareness and education’ conversation. Future initiatives of the Garvan and Osteoporosis Australia partnership will focus on the development of state of the art technology to support this conversation."

Osteoporosis Australia Chairman John Hewson welcomes Garvan’s pro-active approach, “We know this is an area of healthcare where positive change is possible and this important new alliance will greatly enhance our efforts to achieve better patient’s outcomes.”

Helen Dalley, Patron of Osteoporosis Australia said, “The establishment of this new ‘Bone Alliance’ between our organisations represents an exciting opportunity for improving community awareness about bone health in Australia. We are delighted to be partnering with such a well-respected research institute."

Osteoporosis Australia Medical Director, Peter Ebeling, stressed that osteoporosis is a major health issue with over 1 million Australians affected and the impact of fractures on patients should not be overlooked. CEO Greg Lyubomirsky stated, “The emotional and physical burden on patients suffering osteoporosis is understated. There is a critical need and urgency to raise awareness, education and provide innovative solutions.”

The Bone Alliance will pave the way for national projects to address these gaps and improve patient outcomes.

Photo captions:
1. Back Row (left to right) Dr Paul Baldock, Garvan Institute of Medical Research; Greg Lyubomirsky, CEO, Osteoporosis Australia; Professor John Eisman, Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Director of Clinical Translation and Advanced Education; Professor Mike Rogers, Garvan Institute of Medical Research; Andrew Giles, Garvan Research Foundation, CEO.

Front Row (left to right) Professor Peter Ebeling, Medical Director Osteoporosis Australia; Dr John Hewson, Osteoporosis Australia, Chairman; Professor Peter Croucher, Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Division Head – Bone Biology; Professor Jackie Center, Lab Head - Clinical Studies and Epidemiology.

2. (left to right) Professor Peter Ebeling, Medical Director Osteoporosis Australia; Dr John Hewson, Osteoporosis Australia, Chairman, Greg Lyubomirsky, CEO, Osteoporosis Australia with Garvan researcher