Jean Hailes Womens Health Survey 2019

Jean Hailes Foundation released their annual Women’s Health Survey on
27 October with relevant findings in the area of bone health. This included
findings under several sub-categories including,
Health Information
● Menopause was the second most important topic for respondents aged
36-50 (34.9%)
● Respondents aged 66-79 wanted information on bone health/osteoporosis
more than any other topic (37.6%)
● Websites, face-to-face and fact sheets were the three most preferred ways
to receive health information across all age groups
● Respondents aged 66-79 were the most likely to do at least 2.5 hours of
moderate physical activity each week (69.2%)

 Greg Lyubomirsky CEO Osteoporosis Australia said “This important annual survey contributes to our understanding of the health concerns of women in Australia and demonstrates many women are interested in topics specifically related to bone health.”


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