CODIV-19 Update April 2020

Update regarding Coronavirus (COVID -19) from Osteoporosis Australia
6th  April 2020

As the Australian healthcare sector continues to deal with the current situation, the Federal Government is working with health and medical groups to expand telehealth availability as well as consultations with GPs and medical specialists via telephones and video conferencing for patients needing to see their GPs or specialist.
Throughout the months ahead people living with osteoporosis require ongoing treatment and it is critical that you continue to be fully compliant with your medications and treatments for managing your osteoporosis and bone health, and any other chronic conditions you may have. 
Osteoporosis Australia understands that some patients may be reluctant to attend their GP in person due to fear of COVID-19. However, you must ensure you get your osteoporosis prescriptions filled on time whether you attend a GP in person or by choosing a telehealth consultation. Any prescribed treatments for injections or infusions must also be followed up with your GP/specialist. Your osteoporosis medications and treatments are vital for protecting your bone health and reducing your risk of breaking a bone.
Finally as we move into the 2020 flu and winter season, the Federal Government is encouraging Australians —and especially those in vulnerable populations including those over 65 and those with chronic diseases such as osteoporosis  — to arrange vaccination against the flu during the month of April.
We encourage all people living with osteoporosis to take continue to take actions to reduce any risk of COVID-19 exposure while also continuing to protect your bone health.